Recycled Reality TV

If you are visiting this site you are probably one of those positive people who think they can actually make a difference – committed to recycling, and eco issues – or at least willing to keep an eye on developments.

How dedicated would you have to be to go and live on a landfill site and survive only on what you can find there? That is the basis of Channel 4’s new eco- reality/documentary TV show ‘Dumped’ which started this week in the UK.

Eleven ‘volunteers’ will spend 3 weeks ‘surviving’ on the British dumpsite close to a real-life landfill near Croydon. If you missed it the program is available on the Internet via Channel 4’s “watch again’ service 4oD. There is also a very informative website connected to the programme with links to a wide variety of green and eco information.

Almost worth watching just to see the reaction of the builder who wears his underwear once and then throws it in the bin!!! He likes the feel of new, crisp, cloathing!