Do it Yourself Light Shade

As the world switches over to low energy light bulbs (a little), there are masses of the old style bulbs being left on the shelf. See the item below.

Rather than bin them why not collect them (if you don’t have enough bulbs yourself rope in your local friends), and make your own recycled light shade?

Bulbs Unlimited’ is a German based company which supplies a kit to help you ‘stick’ your light bulbs together in a variety of shapes and forms. The result – a sculptural light shade made from all those old bulbs.

You can attach bulbs together in a variety of shapes and build ‘light objects’ in almost any size you feel fits into your room. What is really nice is that you can also unclip them and make them into a new shape!

Bulbs Unlimited’s web site has a slide show to give you an idea of how it all works (very simple) and you can order a starter pack online. The ‘Rookie-Pack’ contains all the pieces you need to make one light ‘object’ (supply your own light bulbs!) and costs 39.95 Euros + post and packing. Once you get good at this you can add to your ‘construction kit’ and make larger light shades. So, light up your home and recycle your old light bulbs at the same time.