Eco Dimming

Now that artists and Green Peace have firmly drawn our attention to the new dimmable, low energy, bulbs, perhaps it is time to go out and buy one?

Many people want (or need) dimmable lighting either to create mood or for safety (in a child’s room for example).

The new dimmable bulbs come in two versions: one which works with a normal dimmer (like your existing light bulb) so can be used to directly replace the old incandescent bulb; the other which can be dimmed without a dimmer!

Flick your standard light switch and the bulb goes into its dimming cycle. Just flick your switch again to select the brightness you need. This bulb has its own dimmer inbuilt so will also save you money by not having to buy a dimmer.

Both of these bulbs are 20W (equivalent to a normal 100watt bulb), can be dimmed from 2 – 100%, are energy class A and can expect to save you about £100 and 500kg of carbon pollution during its lifetime (about 16,000 hours).

Both are available from Nigel's Eco Store priced at £12.49 for the dimmer switch version and £10.99 for the switch version. Add a little mood to your living and save on energy, carbon and money!