Recycled Light Tubes

As we replace old light bulbs we have a problem. It seems we shouldn't be throwing them in our bins but disposing of them 'responsibly'. If the WEEE directive works then you can, theoretically, give your old bulbs back to the shop you buy your new bulbs from, but I’m wondering what the reaction will be at your local discount supermarket.

One solution is not to throw them away at all but to reuse them. You can do this yourself, with the ‘Bulbs Unlimited' kit below, or have a look at Castor Design.

This Canadian based design group make light fittings using recycled florescent tubes. If you think of how many of these there are in our offices and industrial building, it helps if they can have an extended life when they flicker and die.

Castor Design build the old tubes into - well tubes – and then fit them with new incandescent bulbs to illuminate them from within. Low marks for the fact that they use energy guzzling incandescent bulbs (why not energy saving ones?) but top marks for innovative design and something fresh from difficult to dispose of waste.

You can even send them your old “architecturally significant” tubes and they will make a new light for you for half price. No indication, on the highly animated website, of costs but certainly worth a look for inspiration alone. and select ‘Projects’ and ‘Recycled Tube Light’.