Eco Lighting for Everyone

There is something about a city skyline, illuminated at night, which ads spectacle and intrigue to the places we love.

On the one hand we want to reduce our carbon footprint, energy consumption and budget but on the other we want our cities to look spectacular at night.

In London the National Theatre is trying to find a way to be both eco friendly and remain a beacon on the South Bank. In a 5-year partnership with Philips they are renewing the external and internal lighting of their building complex.

During September they completed the first phase and changed their external lighting. The results (suggested by Philips) are a 70 % reduction in the energy required to illuminate the distinctive, but daylight ugly, flytowers.

It seems that once the entire project is compete the theatre hopes to save £100,000 annually which they want to reinvest in theatrical productions.

More details at the community website London SE1