Folding Bikes - ideal if you are short of space

For those of you who would like to get into the spirit of Green Streets but live a little out of the way of West Bridgford or a bus stop, a folding bike might be the answer. There are various folding bikes on the market. My bike is very large and when I tried the small folding bike it did not feel right to me. I then found out via my friend that there are large folding bikes available.
He bought the Dahon and is very pleased with it. You can buy them on line via the web store
Price: £195 including postage
or go and see them at their shops in Rutland. The bike has not got mudgards, or a back seat which makes it a little lighter than the bike I found else where on the web.

I found this one that sounds good although 16.6kg is not necessarily feather light.
Avelo Elegance 26" 6 SHIMANO

City Folding Bike with Mudguards and Backseat 16.6kg ONLY by Avelo 1 used & new from £219.99

Product Features:
· 26" wheels with Aluminum rims· 6 speed SHIMANO gearings· Delicate forged hinge
· V brake· Heavy-duty pedals· With Luggage Carrier and Mudguards
· Puncture Resistant rubber Kenda tyres· Net Weight: 16.6kg (surprisingly light for the size)
· Folded size: 88x34x76cm· Time to fold: 5-10sec· Recommended rider height: 150 - 200 cm
· Color: Dark olive