Spring is in the air, and a new idea is germinating on the streets of West Bridgford

Transition West Bridgford is launching the Green Streets Initiative (http://www.greenstreetswb.blogspot.com/). Their aim is to work towards a more sustainable, healthy, safe and strong community, less dependent on oil.

The Green Streets idea is to encourage as many people as possible from all over West Bridgford to join in a Walk/Ride Day on the last Friday of each month. On Green Streets days people throughout the town will be asked to wear something green and to use green means of transportation.

Be seen to be green. It all starts on Friday 24th April.

So how will it work? The idea is simple: On the last Friday of every month with your help we create a Bridgford-wide party. People all over West Bridgford choose to give up their cars for an alternative mode of transportation: walking, biking, riding public transportation, carpooling (horses, unicycles, rollerblades – we’ll leave it to your imagination).This throng of walk/riders stands out from the rest by wearing something green. Their "green status" makes them eligible to visit participating businesses who will be offering fabulous incentives.
See our website or look for the Green Street Logo which will be displayed in windows of participating sponsors in your local shopping street in West Bridgford.

In the coming weeks we shall have regular features about the Green Streets initiative and all that is organised around West Bridgford

“Our vision is to create a monthly party which celebrates alternative transportation, gives people an opportunity to make community connections and promotes a festive local atmosphere, something to lift people’s spirits really” says coordinator, Karina Wells.

So dig out your walking shoes, roller blades, bikes, skateboard or hop on the bus and don’t forget: Be seen to be green!

Nottingham City Transport has some special events in mind for people who will use their buses on Green Fridays, so keep an eye on the website, read their notice boards and join in the Party.Green Streets is looking for individuals in businesses, schools, and local government to help spread the Walk/Ride Day concept.