Invite your Street

Tomorrow, Karina begins a week of brilliant suggestions for ‘alternative’ Christmas presents so, just before that, here is something which might just be a Christmas present for your and your neighbours.

Why not invite people on your street, in your block of flats, or around the corner, to an evening round at your place? Don’t panic – it isn’t much work as the people you invite do it all for you!

We did this the year we moved into our house. We really didn’t know many of the people on our street – it isn’t as easy to make contact when everyone is at home in the warm, so we invited them round. Pop a note through peoples’ door and invite them one evening. Ask them to bring a Christmas decoration and some food to share. Place an undecorated tree near the food table or in your hall and, as each person arrives, ask them to hang their decoration on the tree and put the food on the table.

When we did it everyone brought something. Some people made their own decoration, others had purchased something. Over the course of the evening the tree became more and more festive. A great way to meet the neighbours – and often just the thing they need to give them a way to say ‘hello’. As everyone brings food it isn’t a massive job for the party giver and you end up with a Christmas tree fully decorated by people on your street.

Years later we still have all the decorations from that evening and some really good friends. A simple and festive way to remember a great get together. [A]