Christmas day is Green Streets Day in West Bridgford!

This year Green Streets coincides with Christmas day, take this opportunity to walk/cycle to church, have a walk with family and friends and enjoy time together.

To make sure that you are visible today and on your walks and bike rides in the year ahead, why not buy a Pedalite?

Know a young person that goes to school?
wears a backpack ?going out ? commuting? every one seems to wear a backpack (whether they are walking, riding a bike, driving or catching the bus). The nights are drawing in and the roads are getting more dangerous but suggestions of carrying a torch or light - well that's just not "cool"! And even if you insist, you only find out the batteries ran out about a week after they actually did !

Baglite is a unique and innovative solar-powered, eco-friendly lighting product worn over the shoulders and fitting over any backpack or bag protecting commuters and children as they go to and from school or just out ! Slotting over any size bag or rucksack, Baglite provides super-bright lighting that clearly illuminates people and their bags with no need for batteries. Using a new unique 360 degree floodlight module there is a single red floodlight at the back and two white floodlights at the front attached to straps that fit to the straps of a backpack. The lights shine out from every angle so people (young and older) wearing Baglite will be seen clearly by motorists any time day or night from a distance of 1km. The lights can be turned on and off and set to different modes – flashing, constant or off. More information is available on

Unanimously loved by retailers, customers and the press alike, Baglite is "cool" enough to be worn, works for about 6 hours in flash mode between charges and is recharged when left in artificial (just ordinary house, school or office lighting) or sunlight. Parents are already modifying their "going to School" checklist for their children to be "have you got your schoolbooks, your lunch and your Baglite?"