Ditch Those Bottles – Filter Your Water

We buy a lot of bottled water – we throw away most of them. In fact, in America they dump two million drinks bottles every 5 minutes! If you want to see that that looks like see our previous item on Chris Jordon.

Drinking tap water is a logical alternative but if you don’t like the taste you can buy a filter jug and filter your own. This reduces the price of a litre of water to pennies, you don't have heaps of plastic bottles to trow away and you can also recycle your filter cartridges. The ones from Brita are fully recyclable. Just take them back to the store where you bought them.

There is also an interesting refillable cartridge available from Natural Collection, which uses ‘rechargeable’ cartridges – you simply add more filter granules which means no plastic filter to throw away and a 90% saving on waste!!

[Via: Hippyshopper]