Helpful Recycling Bins – Barcode Enabled

Sometimes recycling can be complicated. Which bit of that wrapper goes in which recycling bin? Is it paper or foil? Can the plastic bottle be recycled at all?

I know - I’ve had this problem in German where there are multiple bins in public spaces and it isn’t always easy to know which one to throw rubbish into.

There is a possible solution in this set of recycling bins which use barcodes, printed on the rubbish, to work out if they can be recycled and which bin to place them in.

You wave your piece of rubbish over the bin; it scans the barcode and then unlocks the bin’s lid if the item is recyclable. This is a concept design by Woo Seok Park but a very nice idea if it ever went into production. As a way of encouraging the less green among us, this might just be the item. [A]

[Via: Ecofriend]