No Smoking Day -Quit the smoke, and fire up your finances

No Smoking Day is today 12 March. Use this day as an incentive, it will be better for the environment as well as helping your health. Quitting smoking boosts your wealth too. It's not just saving on buying smokes, but many policies, including Life Insurance and Private Medical Insurance and others, are substantially cheaper (i.e., up to 30%) for non-smokers. You're classed as a ‘non-smoker‘ after a year without smoking, so once you hit that date, always get new quotes and save a fortune.
To help you stop smoking have a look at the following website and video

Don't burn your money, it can then be used to put into place some more environmentally sound ideas.

You can most likely do all this in the next year if you stop smoking today. You might even have more money left over. Give it a try, look after your good self and the environment in which you live and work.