Nottingham launches Big Spring Clean 2008!

This year’s annual Big Spring Clean campaign is being launched today, March 3 with a parade showing how the wider problem of litter can affect our city. Many people have the attitude that one dropped piece of litter does not have a negative impact on our city. Nottingham City Council wants to change this attitude by showing that if everyone has this mind-set our city will become overrun with litter which will attract vermin. The parade around the city centre was led by actors dressed as giant dropped pieces of litter with a parade of school children from Blue Bell Hill dressed as rats and pigeons following it to represent the health hazards caused by litter. The costumes were made out of recyclable materials. School children from Blue Bell Hill also wrote an anti-litter chant for the parade to sing around the city centre and the actors involved members of the public in street theatre.

The clean up campaign runs until Friday March 28 and aims to demonstrate what can be achieved when schools, businesses, students, and local communities come together with the joint aim of making the city a cleaner place for everyone. Keeping the city clean is not only about picking up litter and cleaning the streets, it’s about educating society on how their actions can affect the environment.“During the campaign we will involve young people across the city in environmental programmes to educate them on how to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.

During last year’s Big Spring Clean there was a successful joint effort by everyone across the city which resulted in approximately: 440 tonnes of rubbish collected; 1,580 fly tips cleared; 14,548 square metres of graffiti cleared; 50 Neighbourhood clean-ups and 18 community group/organisations participating.

To get involved in this year’s Big Spring Clean campaign or if you have any ideas that could help make Nottingham cleaner and greener please phone 0115 915 2000 or email (This information was taken from the Nottingham City Council Website)

If you don't live in Nottingham City, why not start it in your house, your street, your school, your business or the town YOU live.

In the next few weeks I shall try and give you some Clean Spring Cleaning ideas. Good luck!