Can the Ashcan be the answer to the end of cigarette butts?

Millions (I am not exaggerating) of tax payers money is being spent on clearing up the butts thrown on the streets. Many of the smokers don't even realise that they create a mess or that fines are being dished out for dropping cigarette butts on the floor when they are out and about - £80 a time. To save them some cash, they might like to give up smoking.

Or if they can’t manage that, invest in the Ashcan. It’s a portable ashtray that puts out the cigarette and keeps the smell inside, thanks to the airtight nature of the container. And when it’s full, it is emptied in a bin.

There is evidence that those people who wanted to kick the habit, have found it a help to reduce smoking as they are only able to put a limited amount into this devise.
If you don't smoke but your friend or colleague does, please tell them about the ASHCAN or buy them one if you feel generous. This way you do your bit to try and keep Britain tidy!

The Ashcan is available from Tesco for just £1.20.

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