The scrap metal man

This gentleman was Robert Reynolds, known as ‘Chipper’, this rag and bone man gave peep shows of re-enactments of the battles of Waterloo and Spion Kop in exchange for old clothes and scrap metal.
Today, we may not have such a service that our scrap metal man will entertain us, he will however very happily come and pick up your old washingmachine, corrugated iron and any other metal bits and pieces so that you do not need to take it to the tip. Dave is my scrapmetal man, he is based in Nottinghamshire .Give him a ring 0777 860 4127 you will do eachother a favour.
If you don't live in Nottingham, look in your yellow pages under 'scrap metal' merchants and try to recycle your metal that way.
When it comes to rags, charity shops and realcycle are great for the better clothes, so are the clothes banks, be courteous and make sure the clothes are clean. For those items that are not good enough, the shops may still take them as they are sold to the rag trade. Just make sure you mark the bag.
If we all did this, we would not find kitchen sinks, old beds and mattresses fly tipped in the road verges.