Built in Turbines Generate Building's Power

What is thought to be the world’s first commercial building with integrated wind turbines just opened.

The Bahrain World Trade Center incorporates three 29 meter diameter blades into the main structure of this landmark building. Mounted between two elliptical towers the turbines are expected to generate 11-15% of the power needed by the building once fully operational. The shape of the supporting towers means that they act a little like aerofoils, funneling and accelerating the wind towards the blades. The location of the building means that it can use the onshore breeze from the adjacent Gulf.

One of the reasons more new buildings do not incorporate this type of technology is because of the additional costs involved. This building has been able to reduce those extras to around 3.5% of the overall project value which seems to make it financially viable as well as eco friendly. Strangely they only expect to operate the turbines for 50% of the time.

[Via: Businesswire ]