Tip 5. Not all food comes from the shops - Why not grow your own?

A little bit of self-sufficiency goes a long way, even for those of you with only a little yard, some window boxes and containers will be a great start, you could easily cultivate a couple of simple tomato plants, or herbs on the windowsill and even potatoes in a dustbin! Growing a few organic fruit and vegetables is not only delicious, but it breaks that dependency from the supermarket and opens your eyes to taking the chemical-free route too.

Plant something in the garden to cultivate and eat and start a compost heap. Most local councils have simple but very effective compost bins for sale, or if you have not got the space have a look at the bokashi method as mentioned before on the Ecolist.
Natural Collection or Evengreener.com

The benefits are simple, no more smelly and maggot infested bins, but some very valuable compost for next year's planting and your bin men will be delighted too!