The Rotaire® Dryline™ a solution to energy free drying

No matter how careful one is when hanging out the laundry, a sudden shower can mean that the washing has to be taken in wetter than it went onto the line. The option is to dry it inside. This causes damp atmospheres and rooms full of wet washing needed for the next day: A NIGHTMARE!

The alternative is to use a tumble dryer. This will obviously waste valuable electricity heating the outside atmosphere and unnecessarily contribute to the global climate change we should all be addressing: ANOTHER NIGHTMARE!!

The Rotaire Dryline is designed to fit existing rotary airers to provide a weather and bird proof cover which allows air to circulate freely through the washing. A weighted mesh skirt surrounds the durable polyethylene cover, carrying sideways rain clear of the washing. In summer, the Dryline actually accelerates the drying time so that 2 or even 3 loads can be dried outside in a day! For more information have a look at their website:, or have a look at the you tube video to put a smile on your face : and another to get some instructions.

If you come to the Summer Gathering in West Bridgford on 7th June, Malcom will be there to demonstrate his Rotaire.