Tip 7. Have a wonderful evening with friends and family

Make tonight different! At the beginning of the week you invited another family or some friends to come and spend an evening with you. As it is a bring and share evening, you provide the space and they provide the food (some of it).

Now you have decluttered your home, picked some flowers from the garden, sorted out some of the financial issues, you should be feeling so much better and it is time to celebrate. Turn the television off and have a fun and relaxing evening with your family and friends, talking and or playing some games. Many people spend their mealtimes with a tray on a lap, watching a bit of 'relaxing' telly and very rarely spend as a complete unit talking to each other. Your downshifting experiences could be on top of your topic list...

After dinner, get out some playing cards, scrabble etc and spend some time together. You never know this might just become something to do more regularly to meet up with long lost friends, neighbours, or just time to be with your own family.

[image © Marilyn Barbone | Dreamstime.com]