Eco Friendly Mobile

There are millions of mobile phones in use and they have a massive environmental impact through their manufacture and disposal - all those nasty chemicals seeping into landfill.

Enter Nokia with the 3110 Evolve, their most eco friendly phone to date which has just been released onto the marked.

The phone’s cover is made from around 50% recycled plastic. The packaging has been reduced and uses 60% recycled content. The included charger appears to be very efficient and is said to use 94% less energy than the published Energy Star requirements. It also switches itself off once the phone is charged which means a real reduction in energy consumption. How many of us leave our phones on charge overnight?

The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and all the bits and pieces you would expect from a modern mobile so you can stay ahead of the technology and be a little eco friendly at the same time!

For more details about the phone visit Nokia or watch a video review on Techdigest.

If you are replacing your mobile phone why not get paid for recycling the old one? The EcoList has teamed up with Envirofone to help you do just that. Check your make of phone on their website, send it to them for recycling and they will pay you (dependent on the age and make) for doing it. Even if your phone has been down the back of a sofa for years and is so old that it no longer has any value, they will still recycle it for free. Visit Envirofone