Solar Rubbish

We featured these a while ago (installed in Devon, UK), and now it seems that the use of solar compacting rubbish bins is starting to spread. Milford, located in the USA, has installed two BigBelly solar-powered litter bins, partly paid for by local residents.

A large solar panel on the top of the bin collects energy from the sun which charges an inbuilt battery. Power from this battery is then used to operate a compacting system. As the bin if filled and the rubbish reaches a pre-determined level inside a mechanized arm compressed it so that it takes up less space and leaving more room for other rubbish.

Once completely full the bin door is locked to prevent overflow and a red light shows it needs to be emptied. Compacting like this means that the bin can hole up to six times the amount of rubbish and, therefor, does not need to be emptied so often which, in turn, saves on fuel in the collection vehicles.

Denise Zambrowski, Environmental Affairs Coordinator for the Department of Public Works in Milford commented "It's a really interesting invention to help us deal with solid waste management in public places.”

Funding for the $4,000 bins (about £2,000), came from Franklin residents who donated $5 to $12 on their electric bills over several years, and a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, which matched the contributions.

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