Eco Printing Online

In an Internet driven, electronic, age, the humble business card still appears to have a place. Now, if you combined our enthusiasm for things online and the opportunity to hand someone a card with your details, you would be on to a winner- which is just what Moo do.

London based printing company Moo are about to launched their new eco business cards which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, use 100% recycled paper and are chlorine-free. Lots of other printers offer the same, so what makes Moo different?

Every single card can be printed with a different image and you can order as few as 50!!! You simply upload as many different images as you like, directly from your computer, (or photo storage sites), and they print each one onto an individual card.

This seems ideal for businesses with a variety of products - one card for each item - or for domestic use so that you can have cards made of you holiday snaps.

Cost is around £10.99 ($21.99) for 50 and you also get a free carrying case to keep your card collection in. Moo ship word-wide and speak German, Spanish, French and Italian.

If you register for their newsletter they will not only e-mail you the moment they start taking orders for their new eco cards but also give you 20% off your first order!

Their website is simple to use, beautifully designed, has a sense of humour and is well worth a look :