Summer Gathering a Hit

If you were in the West Bridgford area of Nottingham on Saturday you will have seen just how successful the Summer Gathering was, despite the drizzle.

Hundreds of local people turned out to wander round the huge variety of community, sustainable, eco and green stalls. So why are we mentioning it here? Well, apart from being able to get a taste of ‘green’ and eco projects it is worth shouting about because it was organised by a single individual.

So many events are corporate or commercial, organised by masses of people. It makes it difficult to imagine that you could ever do-it-yourself. But you can.

The West Bridgford Summer Gathering was organised by one local individual (the EcoList’s Karina Wells) because she wanted to find a way of celebrating ‘the local community’ and offering visitors a chance to see that there are groups and individuals in the area doing some brilliant (and sustainable) things. Obviously, a lot of people helped out on the day, but this is a clear demonstration that you don’t have to wait for your local council to organise something like this - you can celebrate, inform and do-it-yourself.

Have a look at the website for a list of all the people who took part on Saturday and, if you are thinking of organising something like this yourself, get in touch with Karina (via the EcoList) for some tips and advice.