The sun comes out - quick, it is time for an Eco BBQ!

It is not very often that we have the chance to have a BBQ as the weather is so changeable. But when we do, it is a wonderful event. Unfortunately very often it means being less than green, whereas it could easily be different so you can enjoy your food in harmony with nature.

I came across an eco-friendly BBQ firepack by mike and maaike- The amount of volatile gunk emitted from BBQ could put some true Green people off enjoying this activity - here's where the designers come in. The San Francisco- based design-duo Mike and Maaike (Mike simonian and Maaike evers) recently came up with'eco-friendly' instant charcoal packaging - light the firepack at its base. The 'baja BBQ firepack' is charcoal packaging that lights instantly and burns away in the grille, making the barbeque experience simple, clean and chemical free. made from 100% recycled biodegradable paper pulp, the package contains 2 lbs of natural lump charcoal and features an integrated chimney that creates perfect hot coals in 15-20 minutes without the aid of chemicals or lighter fluid. manufactured by lazzari/ design annex - patent pending'.
To see more visit Mike and maaike's website:
If you already have a BBQ and would like to have some handy Eco tips have a look at this AOl website with their little video. It is well worth having a look at it and taking some of the tips on board.

Happy summer cooking!