Could Solar Venti be the Green answer to our damp and cold houses?

The SolarVenti is aimed in the main at the damp home and damp house owner and it can be applied to many different dwelling types. It is the world's only low cost and DIY installable solar technology that makes the significant difference in terms of energy consumption that a house owner seeks and pays for itself in a few years, rather than 15 years or more!

Reduce energy bills with SolarVenti
Because people breath, perspire, cook, bathe, shower and steam iron the amount of moisture in a house increases. This is particularly true in winter when windows and doors are kept closed. Significant amounts of energy are wasted trying to get and keep the air and moisture in your house warm. By lowering the humidity in your house or property SolarVenti reduces the amount of energy required to get your house warm. In addition SolarVenti pushes up to 1.6KW per hour into your house (SV30). The combined effect produces significantly reduced energy consumption and reduced energy bills

How does SolarVenti work?
SolarVenti captures energy in the same way that a car out in the sun does, it then pumps the resulting warmed air into your house. To see further how a SolarVenti air heating dehumidifier works check out our FAQ section and/or you can watch a short video from the ABC TV program 'Carbon Cops' on the link below.

SolarVenti: A dehumidier with zero running costs and no CO² emissions The revolutionary
SolarVenti ventilation, dehumidification and air heating panel is easily fitted to any building and provides a free source of fresh warm and dry air all year round expelling damp stale air and virtually eliminating condensation in buildings and other living spaces.
Using solar space heating our larger SolarVenti units provide a very substantial heating supplement to your property too! Their new product, the SV30H Plus also provides Solar Hot Water for free as well!!

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