Be seen while you walk or cycle

Know a serious cyclist that uses clipless or cleated pedals ? a cyclist that wants to be seen not hit? or Jogger ?A unique and innovative solar-powered, eco-friendly lighting product worn around the ankle and keeping cyclists safe on the roads or joggers while out in the evenings.

Anklelite doubles as a trouser clip replacement for cyclists and provides 360 degree lighting for those cyclists riding with clipless and all other types of pedals. The Anklelite with adjustable straps fits all sizes and can be worn with or without trousers and fits securely over riding boots. Anklelite provides super-bright 360 degree lighting without the need for batteries. A large unique floodlight module is attached to straps that fit comfortably around the ankle with high visibility reflective strips on both sides as an additional feature. The lights shine brightly from every angle so cyclists, sports people and children wearing Anklelite will be seen clearly by motorists any time day or night. The lights can be turned on and off and set to different modes – flashing, constant or off.

Just put Anklelite into Google to see the hundreds of positive reviews of the product.

Anklelite is already priced in the shops at just £12.49 (UK) / BUT as if bought as an Ecolist Customer, these ankle lights can be purchased for the next 30 days at a 25% discount from the retail prices you will see in shops worldwide ! For information on how to obtain the discount please see below. How to get the special discountsIt's easy! all you have to do is go to the Pedalite shop at, buy the products you want and then put in the promotional code "pedalite" at the time of checkout and your 25% discount will be applied. Its really that simple.