West Bridgford will be celebrating slowing down!

First of all we are looking forward to the launch of the Green Streets West Bridgford on Friday 24th April, where on the last Friday of the month we invite EVERY ONE who works, lives, or visits to leave their cars at home and walk, cycle or use public transport instead. This would make our town, at least once a month a safer and healthier place to be in. Other than that, we ask people to wear something GREEN, so start looking out for some suitable atire to join in the celebrations, socks, hand bag, hats, gloves, coats, earrings, what ever suits you and makes you feel festive!

On that day, there will be loads of incentives in the participating shops and businesses and special events organised so look on the website: http://www.greenstreetswb.blogspot.com/ to find out the up to date information.

Then another move is to have the 20splenty for West Bridgford campaign where just like in Lady Bay, we hope to have a 20mph zone introduced to calm the traffic and make life in our town more pleasant. If you too would like to contribute to a healthier, safer and greener West Bridgford, Be seen to go Green on the last Friday of the month (or more often if you so wish) and tell your friends and family of this new West Bridgford Initiative.