What's the honest-to-goodness best way to wash your produce?

Below is an extract of a wonderful website: ideal bite

It is well worth subscribing to this website as they so often have quirky but very useful tips.
I particularly like this one as like she said, some of us have a bottle of white vinigar in our cupboards and wondered how it ever got there (and what to use it for)

Use water and white vinegar - no lie. A few squirts on your fruits and veggies gets rid of the nasty stuff (like pesticide residue) that you don't want - no store-bought washes necessary.

Brushing bugs under the rug. A diluted vinegar rinse kills 98% of bacteria on produce - researchers found it works even better than a scrub brush.
Cash savings you can believe in. Water and vinegar rinses cost just pennies; the premade washes we found cost $4 and up.

It's a simple truth: Buying plastic bottles of produce wash means having to recycle them too (not to mention the energy and materials needed to make and ship them in the first place) - you'll still need to buy bottles of vinegar, but you'll buy fewer of them.

Wanna Try:
Mix water to white vinegar 3:1 in a spray bottle (if you've already got a bottle of the premade stuff, use it up and reuse the sprayer). Rinse with water after you spray. Yes, it's that easy.

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