14th February Valentine's day

A wonderful day to take special care of your loved one, but what about our planet? As with most celebrations it is a day the planet could do without. Roses flown in from as far as Kenya and grown using pesticides, trees cut down for cards and throwaway gifts. I came across the green living ideas site where they had these and many other wonderful ideas.

To help you on your quest for a green Valentine's Day, they have selected some of the top eco picks for gifts, crafts, and creating earth-friendly experiences that honor your loved ones and the planet.

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The Valentine Gift of a Green Experience

Remember that with any gift or experience you choose to give—be it handmade or purchased, palpable or intangible—the heart of the matter rests in the thought invested and the emotional weight these gifts carry.

Here are some greener alternatives:

  • Instead of flowers, give someone plant to would last a life time or buy a plantable card

  • Buy cards made from recycled materials, make your own

  • Cook a meal for someone you love from local, organic, seasonal produce.

  • Give a massage instead of a present

  • Go for a walk in the park

Happy Valentine's day!