Greener Phones? Well the bits which come with them anyway

There are a lot of them about - mobile phones that is - and they have a significant impact on our resources through manufacturing and when they are no longer needed.

Nokia, who have launched various ‘eco’ products over the years, are now getting rid of the charger which comes with their N79 phone if you buy it online.

The thinking is that you probably have one or two chargers left over from previous phones and could use one of them instead of receiving a new one. This cuts down on production and use of raw materials, packaging and eventual problems with disposal. Makes you wonder if it might encourage you to only buy a new Nokia so that your old charge fits.

They will also donate £4.00 to the global conservation organisation, WWF. The phone is expensive as it needs to be bought as a stand alone handset (not on a contract which is often cheaper).

If you want to declutter your life and already have a Nokia charger - then this might be for you.

While you are at it - go and hunt down your old phone and send it for recycling to Envirophone - they can pay you up to £100 if it is a relatively current model!

[ Via shinyshiny ]