FREE Shower Smart water device

What is this all about?

Eaga, an energy efficiency provider and store, which sometimes delivers government energy saving programmes, has 100,000 free Showersmart devices, which make your shower more energy efficient, to give away to households in England, Scotland and Wales. Plus if you’re over 70 or receive means tested benefits (eg working tax credit, income support, housing benefit etc.) you can get 4 free energy saving light bulbs.

How do I get one?
Go to the eaga website and select if you are applying for just the Showersmart or the energy light bulbs too. Then just ‘click to apply’, ‘add to cart’, ‘checkout’ and enter your name and address. It should be dispatched within 6 to 8 weeks. They are only available while stocks last but with 100,000 on offer this shouldn’t run out any time soon. Its likely you will receive details of further offers, so beware if you dont want that.

How does the Showersmart work?
The Showersmart is a small device that you attach to your shower that claims to make it more energy efficient.The unit works by regulating the flow of water through your taps to an even 7.8 litres per minute, which according to the manufacturer saves a two person household £20 year in energy costs & water meter users £20/year too.The unit is about 5cm long and fits between your tap and the end of the shower hose. It’s supposed to be really easy to fit, so you don’t need a plumber to help.

Does it fit my shower?
The Showersmart is suitable for all mains-pressure showers where hot water comes from a combi-boiler or hot water tank. This includes non electric showers and bath/shower mixer taps but does not include electric showers, showers with multiple jets or rainwater showers.

Quick facts on eaga ShowerSmart
Save up to £600 over the product's lifetime.
Save up to £20 per year* on fuel bills.

Save up to £20 per year* if your water is metered.
15 Year manufacturer guarantee.
Easy self-installation.
Suitable for use with non-electric mixer showers or bath/shower mixer taps, provided they run off the mains water pressure.
Works by regulating the water flow, saving you water, energy and money