Out with the Old...in with the New

I read this article in the National Geographic Go Green magazine
and thought it might be of interest to most people who live in the UK.

What to do with that much-loved pair of old shoes?

They may have seen better days but after years of loyal service, do they really deserve the tragic fate of he dustbin?

Apparently not, Many of us hoard our footwear in dark forgotten cupboards rather than throw them out with the rubbish. But why let those tired old flip-flops, slippers and wellies gather dust when you can do something useful and recycle them with Brantano?

In almost every African village, footwear can provide a major source of income and can be a lifeline for poverty sticken communities. By participating in Brantano's 'new for old' campaign your unwanted shoes could be delivered directly to African traders who will repair, clean and poslish them back to their best. The shoes can then be sold locally for an amount which although, modest, helps maintain and strengthen this essential cottage industry.

'New For Old' is a very simple concept. Take your old footwear no matter how worn or smelly, to any of the 149 Brantano outlets and for each pair you will receive a £10 off voucher. This voucher can then be put towards a brand new pair of stylish shoes from Brantano's hugh spring summer collections when you spend £40 or more.
For your nearest store call: 0870 990 1600 or visit www.brantano.co.uk