Grey Water Sink

We ‘throw away’ a enormous amount of water on a daily basis. One solution is to recycle it so that this ‘grey’ can be used for other washing or cleaning activities.

Ainslie Asher, a design student at the University of New South Wales, Australia, has come up with a prototype sink with built in filtering.

The EULO Kitchen Sink recycles water via a series of specially designed filters. The water passes through a primary particle strainer that fits into the main sink basin. It is then filtered again by a gravity activated carbon filter located directly beneath the plug-hole and then sanitised using ultra-violet light. The water has detergent mixed automatically before being pumped back through the grey water tap.

Although this is very much a prototype it has been tested - actually works and could be priced at about $3,000.00 Australian Dollars (about £1,400.00). Mass production would bring that pricing down and offer a ‘one stop’ self contained installation.

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