Change your Light Bulb

This probably isn’t going to save the planet but it might make you think about saving it a little.

Artist Scott Amron has a series of works related to domestic energy usage. His Die Electric pieces use familiar ‘American’ plug based ‘sculptures’ which help draw your attention to ‘that thing in the wall’ which we take very much for granted.

‘Candull’, illustrated here, takes a familiar candle and installs a screw base on the bottom. Take your bulb out of your light fitting and replace it with the ‘screw’ candle. Visitors to your home will ask what it is – and you might start to notice how many light fittings you have around you.

Simple, conceptual, almost practical and the sort of gentle ‘irritant’ artists are good at.

Mind you, at $65.00 you probably don’t want to set fire to it – think ‘sculptural installation’ rather than ‘wax candle’.

No news of a UK (bayonet) fitted version (and probably not so elegant) but if you have light fittings from shops like IKEA, most of them use the more familiar European screw fittings so you won’t feel left out.